Dakota Butcher West

Dakota Butcher Steakhouse & Fresh Market


Dakota Butcher Steakhouse & Fresh Market is one of two Dakota Butcher locations in Watertown. It is located on the east side of Watertown and is a full-service steakhouse with a bar and outdoor patio. Both lunch and dinner menus are available. The Fresh Market includes a fresh meat counter, sausage, meat, jerky sticks, handmade pizzas, take-home meals, grocery items, beer, wine, spirits, and so much more.

Private Events + Catering

Bring the Dakota Butcher experience to you. Feed your guests an unforgettable meal at the venue of your choice. Great for parties, work events, graduations, and more. The Dakota Butcher Steakhouse can also be booked for private events.

Catering Menu – Call for prices

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