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Please use the form below to nominate the business or individual for your selected award. A detailed description of why you are nominating for the award is required. These awards are customer service focused, so it is important that your nomination is an individual or business that goes above and beyond to help customers/visitors.

Attraction | Hotel | Restaurant | Retail

This award is to recognize businesses that have remarkable customer service on a regular basis, an enjoyable atmoshphere, and overeall a postive impact on the Watertown visitor industry.
One award for each category will be given.

Gordon “Gordy” Osthus Outstanding Customer Service Award

This award is given to an individual or group who exemplifies what Gordy did to promote the town of Watertown with all the exceptional things we have in our community that make it a great place to live and visit.  Gordy did these things while driving our trolley for visiting groups and being a member of the Optimist club and finding more ways to have Watertown be an awesome destination.

Outstanding Event

This award is new this year and will be presented to an organization, group, or business for their efforts to plan and implement an event or series of events that are well developed, organized, and advertised.  Recipient’s events should have attracted individuals from across the area and impacted the visitor experience in a considerable way.

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