Services & Support

SD Great Service Award

The Watertown Convention & Visitors Bureau is ready to help you organize your event in Watertown.  Here are just a few items we can assist you with:

Registration & Name Tag Assistance

The Watertown Convention & Visitors Bureau will provide experienced personnel to assist with the registration of conventions held in Watertown. The registrars will offer prompt, courteous, and efficient service. They will answer your questions regarding attractions and activities in the Watertown area.

Name tags are available for convention planners and can be personalized and prepared in advance. The information must be in our office ten working days prior to the event.

Convention Packets

Watertown folders or plastic bags are available filled with Watertown information, city-wide coupon books, a personalized welcome letter, and a city map, and much more depending on your request. We will sit down with you and determine what information would be of interest to your group.

Official Welcome

A warm Watertown welcome can be provided by a city official.

Tours, Itineraries, and Programs

Program and tour planning assistance is available to find interesting activities for attendees, families, and spouses that accompany the attendee.

Resource Listing

We will help you find any vendors of services or products in the city that you may need.