Summer Youth Activities - Created for K-6 grade students

Virtual Programs:  We learned some new things last year about doing programs virtually so we are going to continue sharing a few programs virtually this summer.  Links and sign-ups for these programs will also be available on our website.

             June 21st - Tour of Joy Ranch                  July 19th - Tour of the Goss Opera House                         August 9th - Seed Science and Art

In Person Programs:  The following programs will be on Monday & Wednesday of each week at 2:30-3:30pm at the Museum.

June 7th & 9th - Sticks:  What can you do with a stick?  Following a dicussion about the many marvelous ways sticks can be used, we will watch Sticks by Diane Alber and learn how a descouraged stick found a purpose.  Building with tookpicks and mini marshmellows and making your initial from twigs and yarn will complete our time together.  Stick snacks will be available.

June 14th & 16th - Following your Star/What to do with your dreams:  We'll read North Star by Peter Reynolds, talk about some Codington County residents who had dreams, and then choose a creative medium to share our own dream for our future.  After reading another story by Pete Reynolds The Dot, we'll explore creating a piece of "art" starting with a dot.

June 21st & 23rd - Ready Set Go:  We'll read about the Bernstein Bears physical contests in Ready Set Go.  Then we'll try to successfully complete a variety of challenging tasks, each within a minute in Minute to Win it.

June 28th & 30th - Terrible Tornadoes:  After reading Tornado Tamer, an adaptation of the "Emperor's New Clothes" with a twist about a tornado "cover", we'll explore facts about and safety during a real tornadoes and then experiment with a tornado in a bottle.

July 5th & 7th - Sensational South Dakota:  Join us in exploring SD symbols, plants, animals and foods.  A tasty surprise will be served before you go home.

Week of July 10th-17th- SD Scavenger Hunt:  Got to our website: for details or stop in to pick up a copy.

July 26th & 28th - Measuring Up:  Come join us in comparing tools operated by hand with power tools and the advantages and disadvantages of both.  Our final activity of the day will be a hand tool obstacle course to test the skill of all with screw drivers, hammers, sand paper, crow bars, etc.

August 2nd & 4th - Hot Air Balloons:  Did you know that the earliest space exploration in the USA happened in Western SD?  We will share stories-true and fiction-about hot air travel; watch videos of live balloon launches; and create a hot air balloon craft.

August 9th & 11th - Marble Madness:  Do you know who made the first marbles and why?  After a brief description of the history of marbles and special terms related to playing marbles, we'll watch 2 videos showing how marbles ar emade.  Finally, we will have fun with marble games & races.