At Watertown Confectionery, we have an amazing selection of gourmet chocolates on hand or you can order them.

At Watertown Confectionery, we have an amazing selection of gourmet chocolates on hand or you can order them. In addition to our chocolates, we also offer fresh roasted coffees, wine making, a great selection of art pieces, a wine tasting room for our signature South Dakota Ghost Town Wine, and our Crystal Chocolat’ Wedding Chapel. How cool is that? Stop in and fulfill those cravings. You might be surprised what you find!

The wine making is by appointment and is your own creation.  We provide the wine cellar, wine kit, wine bottles, and you design the labels and bottle the wine.  It is a fun group activity or a unique gift to give  your loved ones or friends.

Basically, we are a one-stop must to satisfy your indulgent side. 

Mike & Vickie Marotz grew up in Watertown back in a simpler time. We shopped in the neighborhood groceries with our nickels tightly clutched in our hands – trying to decide how to get the most penny candy we could. We watched the bottling lines at Pepsi and Coke, we sampled Wynn’s Potato Chips as they cooled from the fryer. We ate locally made ice cream like Langenfelds and Fenn’s. All of this shaped our desire to create locally made products that are high quality and true to our roots. Our shop is warm and inviting, reminiscent of the neighborhood groceries. Although changing health department regulations no longer allow us to let people into the candy kitchen to watch the making of the candy, we tried to provide the next best thing – a large picture window where you can watch the art of hand-dipping chocolates or the pouring of fresh, hot caramel into larger pans for cooling.

We hope you stop and see what we have to offer at Watertown Confectionery.

As members of the “Baby Boom” generation, our early memories summon up times at the local neighborhood grocery that really had “penny candy”. The kids were welcome to take as long as they wanted to decide just how they would spend the nickel clutched in their hand.

We watched in awe as the bottles flew by on the bottling line at the Coke or Pepsi bottling companies. We could walk in the back door of the local bakeshop or potato chip maker and not only be allowed in but welcomed to watch the folks at work.

This is how we envision our own confectionery business. We welcome small group tours. We have a large window between the showroom and the kitchen where folks can watch as we hand dip each piece of chocolate or mold a sucker or chocolate bar. We endeavor in every way possible to make our business part of our community and to be friends with everyone.